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Partner Enablement and Channel Marketing

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The IT channel runs deep and wide from large to small for partners. I've worked with many of the largest and smallest companies in the world, helping them find their way to the right buyer.

What I DO:

“Connecting partners, agencies and end-users. ”

Plug-in from whatever corner of the ecosystem is required. My approach for driving results oriented channel marketing is to start with "why," then determine the co-ownership or shared goals between the resellers, end-users, manufacturers, and 3rd-party partners. The channel is a two-way street, and my experience spans from driving organic growth with little to no strategic alignment, to tapping into decades-old relationships for raising non-budgeted dollars.

After the “why,” then it’s the who. I help partners connect with the right people of influence, decision-makers and buyers for co-marketing and revenue focused relationships.

Design, deploy, measure, repeat…

If you need assistance with establishing a channel marketing program or just require a booster shot into your existing strategy, please reach out to me for more insight.


  • Strategic Planning (Sales & Marketing Alignment)

  • Partner Development (Outreach)

  • MDF Management

  • Creative / Design / Build of Campaign Assets

  • Deployment / Marketing Automation (for you or with you)

  • Content Marketing

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