I've been very fortunate.

My early career challenged me with a crazy range of clients, from sporting goods and tech start-ups to a hundred-year-old German beer entering the U.S. consumer market. I’ve simplified complex messaging for an early biotech, while launching products and services for multiple software and computer hardware manufacturers.

As high-tech ballooned, so did the need for focus. I narrowed my career path to the I.T. industry serving as a full-time marketing executive for two rapidly growing VARs, then a leading system integrator targeting the world’s largest OEMs. As a player/coach, I will go to bat for any sales person from rookies to veterans; spend hours upon hours with product managers deciphering their vision; or be on-call for the CEO, listening, silently translating their objectives to action. 

I’ve immersed myself into the technology channel, navigating large companies such as NVIDIA, HP, and Intel for partnership optimization, connecting dollars between sales, marketing, engineering, and the buyers. I've also partnered with incubation teams and start-ups for short-term, all-hands-on-deck rapid growth.

Today, I am supporting tech companies of all shapes and sizes as an independent consultant, providing creative direction, account based marketing (ABM), and partner relationship management.



What's this all about?

It's the actual rim from my high school. Still to this day, I reflect back at all the years I committed to hoops, which I realize now became the foundation for my work ethic, competitive spirit, and all that stems from being part of a great team.